Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rethinking 'Beliefs'... and Who's to Blame?

This is a message in response to an article on the apparent 'ZIONIST' takeover of America. So forgive me if the spelling or punctuation isn't flawless!

"Good day, Glory B...

Please re-read my post. It appears you have taken some of what I have said out of context. I do not advocate 'not paying taxes'! If one feels they are subject to taxes... one should 'pay'! This is the part of 'contempt prior to investigation' I was referring to.

I never said that there were people; or groups for that matter, who didn't 'appear' to be filthy, depraved etc. Only that to give them audience gives them power which perpetuates the problem! STOP EMPOWERING THEM!! Example... if T.V. is repulsive... turn it off! Cancel cable! Encourage your friends to do the same! Insanity defined: Continuing to do the same thing over and over, each time expecting a different result.

On 'all jews are Zionists'... is Brother Nathanael? Just because he is a former 'jew'... should he be lumped in with all of those you deem 'complicit'? Throw out the baby with the bath water? "Judge not lest ye be judged!" "Vengeance is mine... sayeth WHOM?" Are we NOT all one? Do we NOT all come from the same source? Are you sure?! You are not a 'jew' or 'christian' by birth. One chooses those labels! The Kazar king CHOOSE the jewish religion! Eeny, meeny, miney, mo!

Is it POSSIBLE... no mater how slight, that it is we who are woefully misinformed... aka uneducated, ignorant?!

Those of you who believe 100% the teachings of the mother 'church', and that 'Christ' (Christos) is without... have no understanding. So in vain you seek out all manner of religious 'pios' men to teach what the profane cannot comprehend... and what these religious men do not know and will never know... therefore can never teach (even IF their intentions are pure and noble!!) Why is the catholic church so rich? Are they ANY BETTER then the 'jews' you chastise for their materialism? Hypocracy?

Have you any comprehension of the Kundalini?

One will ultimately find oneself... after death awaiting reincarnation to 'try again' in earths school... unless one realizes the Christos within and works to redeem himself / herself! "There is NO salvation by proxy." ~ Words of the Christed Master Buddha.

If reincarnation is a fact... how many lives have we lived before? Were we ALWAYS the same gender and race and nationality? Hardly. Those who work to destroy someone else are ultimately working for their own destruction! Believe it or don't. But what would it hurt to believe it... to live it?! LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF! Thy neighbor is EVERYONE!

If 'God' created us... then he gave us intellect to be able to discern fact from fiction. Doesn't christianity ask us to ignore our intellect and all of the laws of physics and reason and believe supernatural things which we have NEVER witnessed in our lives?! And then threaten you if you don't be-LIE-ve, with eternal damnation? At 'judgment day', would a true 'God' not be more proud of his creation if one were to use his / her discernment (brain which God gave) and realize the story doesn't add up? Doesn't 'blind faith' benefit the church only?! Aren't we angered by a child who; rather than use their wits and abstain, throws rocks and breaks a neighbors windows just to go along with the crowd? Doesn't that child receive 'tough love' through a belt to the back-side? Or rather... today would be a harsh 'time-out'? "Spare the rod... spoil the child"?

So... IMHO, christians are as much 'anti-christ' as jews.

Is christmas NOT a pagan sun worshiping holiday? It is a 6000 year old FACT (possibly older!) that on Dec 22nd, the sun reaches its southerly limit in relation to the earth. It remains there for three days... as if it 'died'. On the 3rd day... DECEMBER 25th, it moves 1 degree north!! "Behold... the Sun is reborn! The days are getting longer! Nights are scary! Let us rejoice! Soon it will be time to sow our seeds so that we may have a bountiful harvest!" Etc. etc. etc. Ad nauseum.

Perpetuating a story long enough until it gets onto every tongue will never make it true... only keep people in darkness and ignorance. But to blindly believe something is the definition of willful-ignorance aka stupidity.

So.. is it possible that the 'stories' about how bad the jews are, could all be in our heads? Do we as a 'society' NOT always need a boogie man? Have we NOT been conditioned to live in fear and fight! 'UNITED WE STAND!' remember? Is this NOT another example of NOT taking responsibility for our own thoughts, be-LIE-fs and actions? Is a belief a fact?! Are all of our problems NOT in the mirror?! There are no 'bad people'... only deeds committed by misguided individuals. WE ARE ALL ONE!

Do christians not take advantage of people? Even other christians for their own selfish material gain? Do they NOT take advantage of jews? Are people not upset with jews simply because they are more shrewd? Are they possibly better educated and understand the biblical commercial laws?! It seems they have many advantages; they are masters at pressing their advantage! What is the difference between a 'good christian' and a 'bad christian'?

The jews appear to follow Sun Tzu's old manual "The Art of War"... divide and conquer! Religion is about seperation. The jews appear to be pitting the Muslims and the Christians against each other for their own personal gain. They are pitting the 'goy' against each other and it appears to be working just as planned! They will soon be sending more 'Christian' slave troops to other parts of the world to fight 'evil Muslims' who; for the most part, are MORE adverse to accepting slavery... all in the name of combating big bad terrorism'! Muslims, for the most part, can see what is happening and are working to counter-act what is happening. Though in many ways, they too are misguided.

How many wars must we have until we are all safe?! Franklin once said: "If one is willing to give up liberty to have security, one deserves neither!" This has certainly fallen on deaf ears to those educated in government schools. After all... isn't the running joke the 'Dumbing down of America'? Don't worry though... they are working on 'fixing' education!! So.. go back to sleep America! And in 20 years when things are worse, we can sit around and complain some more and scratch our heads and reminese about the 'good ole' days' 20 years earlier!! (If we remember at all... thanks to Alzheimers and the new batch of drugs coming out soon that will make you forget 'bad' periods in your life!!) When will the war on drugs be won? How about the war on poverty? How about the war on cancer? The war on crime?! WHEN HAS WAR RESOLVED ANYTHING?!

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." Gandhi

If one chooses to continue to be ignorant, whos fault is it? So when things continue to get worse... who ultimately is to blame?! Can one put someone else in their place in school to take a test for them... by proxy?

Honestly, do some christians NOT take advantage of the gullible? The jews know that the story of 'Christ' is based on the ancient Mythraic mysteries which predate Christianity by some 2000 years (among others... it's actually a mish-mash of MANY ancient pagan religions). They are simply taking advantage of gullible people... in my humble opinion. "They need to educate us then!" some may say. Well, the information is out there and even if they tried, they likely couldn't penetrate years of conditioning by the mother church. And why would they... they like slaves as much as any other 'Massa! Interesting how 'master' and 'Messiah' are so similiar sounding! I believe them to be all misguided, even the jews. But are we not all arrogant? Believing that we and we alone know the 'truth'?

Too often people will hear what they want to hear, rather than wait and see what happens and then decide. Logic is no longer taught in schools... wonder why?! How does one know the 'truth' of something? INVESTIGATION! Looking at ALL sides... not just 'both'! Politicans for instance. People know they lie... we expect them to lie! But they are later dissapointed when they find the politicain had lied! Gives them an out when they can finally admit: "yeah I voted for him... but I didn't know he was a liar!" When you vote for the lesser of two evils... you still vote for evil!" - Jerry Garcia. "By thy fruits they shall be known!" I don't want to hear someone tell me that they are 'christian' or 'jew' or whatever. That is meaningless! SHOW ME! If you folks prefess to be 'Christian', act as your 'Christ' would have! Would Christ have picked up an M-16 and killed his fellow man?! If so... is this really the type of 'God' you wish to emulate?! What 'God' at 'judgment day' is going to chastise you and say "Why the hell didn't you pick up that M-16 and KILL THOSE BASTARDS?!" If we are somehow take SOME of the bible literally... why not take it ALL literally?! There are many instances in the bible where Christ talked about rather un-Christ-like things... but interesting that these are the topics NOT talked about in mother church as they are difficult to explain away and not good for business!

All religions worship very different dieties. Can they all be right?! If it were found that Christianity were based on a lie perpetuated in the 3rd century A.D. at the First Council of Nicea by Emperor Constantine, how could one NOT then look back and realize how ridiculous his beliefs had been?! "How could I have been such a gullible fool?!" Is it possible... that with all the lies that abound in our society... that this state licensed re-legion (roman) would be 100% FACT and TRUTH, and that they would freely allow you to have access? Why would they teach the slaves how to get off the plantation?!

What is the purpose of the glands of the body? Why is there a giant bronze pine-cone in St Peters square? Why is there an ancient Obelisk in the center of a huge sun-dial in St. Peters square?! This obelisk was an ancient Eqyptian artifact brought back and 'erected' there as a symbol of fallis worship (sex worship). 'They' laugh at us as the clues are everywhere... in PLAIN SIGHT! But the profane have no comprehension... therefore they have NOTHING besides their trifle worldly fleeting pleasures!

When one hears 'occult'... what comes to mind? The DEVIL?! Most will stop there and profess they want nothing more of it! One becomes ones worst enemy as they themselves have barred themselves from knowledge! But... what does 'occult' really mean?! SECRET OR HIDDEN!! Now what?!

Are THEY not the ones who should be pittied as they appear to always be living in fear that the uneducated christians are doubleminded and unpredictable? Arguably more people died in the name of 'Christ', (crusades and inquisition, burning 'witches' at the stake etc.) then by virtually any other group in modern history.

How many Christians can say they have read the 'Holy' (hole-filled) bible? For those that have... how many still can honestly say they comprehend it?! NOONE! They may THINK they do! So most need a 'decoder' aka Priest to tell them what it means. Wouldn't a 'God' speak in plain language that all could understand? If He were omnipresent and omnipotent... wouldn't He be able to convey the message to every mind directly, and not indirectly through a 'medium' / middle-man aka 'priest'?

I live love and truth, not because I feel threatened with eternal damnation... but because I have love and respect for all living things... as it should be. I am that I am.

The truth IS NOT out 'there'... it's 'in here'... in each and every one of us!! If you want to know the truth... I will share more of 'my truth' freely as I know it. All anyone need do is ask. That too is a choice. So be it. It's all in the gospels (god-spells).

Amen-Ra (Egyptian origin)

Without Love there can be no forgiveness. Without forgiveness, there can be no peace.
Are we NOT all brothers and sisters?
Love to ALL!"

All rights reserved w/o prejudice
Copyright / copyclaim mine

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Now is not the time for bullshit.

Now is the time to drop all of the worthless amusement and begin to learn.

Now is the time.

All we have is now!